Content Vol.10 N2, 2019


Biogeochemical cycling of sulphur and iron in Ithikkara lake; Kollam district, Kerala, India: a probable mechanism, K.R. Sabu, R.P. Chandran, , J. Mater. Environ. Sci., 10(2) (2019) 95-100

Study of Green Corrosion Inhibition on AISI 1018 Carbon Steel in Sulfuric Acid Using Crataegus mexicana as Eco-Friendly Inhibitor, A. Rodríguez-Torres, M.G. Valladares-Cisneros, C. Cuevas-Arteaga, M.A. Veloz-Rodriguez, J. Mater. Environ. Sci., 10(2) (2019) 101-112

A simple rapid route to synthesize monocalcium phosphate monohydrate using calcium carbonate with different phases derived from green mussel shells, S. Seesanong, C. Laosinwattana, B. Boonchom, J. Mater. Environ. Sci., 10(2) (2019) 113-118

Mechanical and Transport Properties of Natural Rubber Reinforced with Piassava (Raphia Hookeri) Fibre Composites, H.C. Obasi, I.O. Arukalam, S.C. Nwanonenyi, I.O. Eze, L.I. Chiemenem, K. Nwosu-Obieogu, H. Opara, J. Mater. Environ. Sci., 10(2) (2019) 119-131

Assessing Dry Matter Accumulation in Different Parts of Maize Hybrid in Different Amounts of Nitrogen and Amino- acid, A.M. Lomer, V. Ali-zadeh, R. Chogan, J. Mater. Environ. Sci., 10(2) (2019) 132-140

Anti-Corrosion Nickel/Reduced Graphene Oxide-Titanium Dioxide Coating for Mild Steel in Organic Acids, Kh. El-Sayed, Z. Abdel Hamid, Taher A. Salah Eldin, H. B. Hassan, J. Mater. Environ. Sci., 10(2) (2019) 141-162

Elaboration of impregnated guava seed by Cu(II) for fixing glimepiride using Square-wave Adsorptive Stripping Voltammetry, S.A. Ahmed, A.A. Abdel Gaber, A.M. Abdel Rahim, J. Mater. Environ. Sci., 10(2) (2019) 163-169

Flood Hazard Mapping Using remote sensing and GIS Tools: A case study of Souss Watershed, A. Argaz, B. Ouahman, A. Darkaoui, H. Bikhtar, E. Ayouch, R. Lazaar,J. Mater. Environ. Sci., 10(2) (2019) 170-181

An efficient and green protocol for synthesis of 3,3'-arylmethylene-bis(4-hydroxyquinolin-2(1H)-ones) using potassium phthalimide as reusable catalyst, L. Han, Z. Zhou, J. Mater. Environ. Sci., 10(2) (2019) 182-186

Synthesis and Theoretical Calculating Properties of 2-(2-Cyanoacetamido)-4,5-Dimethylthiophene-3-Carboxamide (2-CDTC) and its Cyclic Voltammetry Interaction with CuCO3, E.A. Gomaa, M.A. Berghot, M.R. Moustafa, F.M. Eltaweel, H.M. Farid, J. Mater. Environ. Sci., 10(2) (2019) 187-194