Content Vol.9 N5, 2018

pp. 1386-xxx

In progress

A Comparative Evaluation of Mechanical and Ablative Properties of Ceramic/Phenolic Composites filled with different fillers, M. Sasikumar, R. Balaji, J. Mater. Environ. Sci. 9 (5) (2018) 1386-1397

Extraction and comparison of two new peroxidases from leaves and roots of Brassica oleraceae var. ramose, Touda Zahidi, Abdnnebi Lekchiri, Titrite Zahidi, Wafae Lekchiri, Abdelbasset Berrichi, Mostafa Mimouni, H. EL Halouani, J. Mater. Environ. Sci. 9 (5) (2018) 1398-1404

Impact of mine polymetallic Draa Sfar South on the aquifer of central Haouz (Morocco) M. Bahir, M. Ait Tahar, A. Goumih, S. Ouhamdouch, A. Rouissa, J. Mater. Environ. Sci. 9 (5) (2018) 1405-1410

Geothermal energy into District Heating Systems in Zagreb, Croatia, A. E. Barkaoui, N. Duic, G. Krajacic, J. Mater. Environ. Sci. 9 (5) (2018) 1411-1417

Study on the Vertical Wall Heat Transfer by Numerical Simulation of Non-Newtonion (Herschel-Bulkley Model) Nanofluid and Changes, S. Hashemi, H. Shokouhmand, J. Mater. Environ. Sci. 9 (5) (2018) 1418-1430

Screening and quantification of enzyme activity of ericoid fungi under solid-state fermentation, A. Hamim, A. Boukeskasse, R. Duponnois, R. Mrabet, M. Hafidi, J. Mater. Environ. Sci. 9 (5) (2018) 1431-1438

Setting up a continuous monitor for the control of temporal variability of 222Rn in groundwater: Application to samples from Tadla Basin, Morocco, R. Saadi, H. Marah, O.K. Hakam, J. Mater. Environ. Sci. 9 (5) (2018) 1439-1445

Effect of Aliphatic Mono Carboxylic acids and alcohols on Silver (I) Catalyzed oxidation of SO2 in aqueous solution, A. K. Sharma, R. Sharma, D. S. N. Prasad, J. Mater. Environ. Sci. 9 (5) (2018) 1446-1454

A Novel Method for the Synthesis of Sr2CeO4 Blue Nano-Phosphor and Its Characterization, F. Al-Wadaani, J. Mater. Environ. Sci. 9 (5) (2018) 1455-1460

Comparison of Organic Solvents Desorption of Eight Glycol Ethers from Charcoal Tube and Application of Chemometric Approach for the Optimization of their Recoveries, F. Faidi, S. Hammami, F. Sallem, E. Ben Khalifa, R. Chakroun, A. Hedhili,J. Mater. Environ. Sci. 9 (5) (2018) 1461-1469

Isolation and molecular identification of mycotoxin producing fungi in durum wheat from Morocco, A. Ennouari, V. Sanchis, M. Rahouti, A. Zinedine, J. Mater. Environ. Sci. 9 (5) (2018) 1470-1479

A Geospatial approach for assessing the impacts of sea-level rise and flooding on the Kenitra coast (Morocco), H. Azidane, A. Benmohammadi, M. Hakkou, B. Magrane, S. Haddout, J. Mater. Environ. Sci. 9 (5) (2018) 1480-1488

Rapid in vitro multiplication of Cistus ladanifer L. var. maculates Dun., M. Boukili, S. Chakir, Z. Haloui, G. Echchgadda, J. Mater. Environ. Sci. 9 (5) (2018) 1489-1494

Survey and Assessment of Chemical Composition and Biological Activity of Some Wild Plants Growing in the Egyptian Eastern Desert, S. A. El-Sawi, H. M. Motawe, S. S. Ahmad, M. E. Ibrahim, J. Mater. Environ. Sci. 9 (5) (2018) 1495-1502

Health Prognostics of electrolytic capacitor using various environmental testing methods, C. Bhargava, V. K. Banga, Y. Singh, J. Mater. Environ. Sci. 9 (5) (2018) 1503-1511

Dynamics of codling moth larvae (Cydia pomonella L.) in three varieties of apple (Malus domestica Borkh.) in the region of Aït Sbaa (Morocco), A. Meni Mahzoum, S. Louahlia, L. El Ghadraoui, M. Rochdi, A. Lazraq, J. Mater. Environ. Sci. 9 (5) (2018) 1512-1517

Phenolic contents and antiradical capacity of vegetable oil from Pistacia lentiscus (L), A. Bouyahya, N. Dakka, A. Talbaoui, N. El Moussaoui, J. Abrini, Y. Bakri, J. Mater. Environ. Sci. 9 (5) (2018) 1518-1524

Removal of zinc and iron from synthetic contaminated solution by electrocoagulation (EC): Comparison between iron and aluminum electrodes, F. Y. R. Bako, I. Zongo, I. Tapsoba, B. Baga, M. Diallo-Koné, Y. Konaté, J. Mater. Environ. Sci. 9 (5) (2018) 1525-1535

Mechanical behaviour of steel pipes reinforced with composite materials and steel, Z. Bennaceur, D. Ouinas, H. Chenine, J. Mater. Environ. Sci. 9 (5) (2018) 1536-1543

Evolution of carbon and nitrogen biomass of vertisol and fersiallitic soil after previous cultivation of wheat and sugar beet in the irrigated perimeter of the Doukkala in Morocco, F. Naman, B. Soudi, C. N. Chiang, C. El Adlouni, J. Mater. Environ. Sci. 9 (5) (2018) 1544-1550

Corrosion Inhibition Effect of Polyvinyl Alcohol Membrane used in Pervaporation Process on Carbon Steel in Phosphoric Acid Medium, F.Z. Zouhair, Y. El Aoufir, M. Saadouni, Y. Kerroum, A. El khlifi, A. Zarrouk, A. Guenbour, H. Oudda, A. Essamri, J. Mater. Environ. Sci. 9 (5) (2018) 1551-1561